I-983 Support

Adhering to the I-983 regulation becomes hassle free through I-983 Support, a unique feature of Techno HRM. This feature helps you in maintaining the data of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) OPT (Optional Practical Training) consultants while also generating reports as per the required standards.

  • Meeting Invitations : The employers, as per the I-983 regulation, must conduct periodic training sessions to the OPTs. With the Meeting Invitations feature of the Techno HRM, the employer can send training invites to the trainees. These schedules are also automatically recorded and can be maintained as a database to ensure I-983 compliance.

  • Topics : According to the I-983, the OPTs must be provided with trainings that are relevant to their qualifying STEM degree. With the Training feature of Techno HRM, you can schedule various training sessions for the OPTs that are in-line with the I-983 training plan. Additionally you can also maintain a record of all the topics in which the OPTs are trained.

  • Reference Materials : Apart from providing trainings the employer must also ensure that the trainees are meeting their learning objectives and goals. Techno HRM simplifies this task by providing a platform through which the trainers or the employers can easily share the reference materials with the trainees. Also in order to provide effective learning options for the trainees, Techno HRM lets the trainers and employers to upload reference materials in various formats such as documents, web links, and videos.

  • Attendance : Manually maintaining a record of the various training sessions that several OPTs undertake is a time consuming process. With the attendance feature of Techno HRM, you can easily record the number of training sessions that a particular trainee has undertaken. This way you can maintain a record of the OPT’s training activities and also ensure that they meet the I-983 requirements.

  • Assessments : As per the I-983, the employer must evaluate and assess the performance of the OPTs on regular basis. These assessment reports must be sent to the Designated School Officials (DSOs) with an interval of 12 months.

  • Reports : The Reports feature of Techno HRM simplifies this task for the employers. They can generate various reports while considering different training aspects such as topic, quiz, attendance, etc. with utmost ease. These reports can also be downloaded in PDF format and used for I-I-983 Support.

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