Recruiting Firm Features

  • Application Tracking System

    Recruitment agencies are often involved in meeting the numerous job requirements of various clients. Handling so many requirements with utmost efficiency is quite challenging. Our ATS provides an ideal platform for this purpose.

  • Onboarding with digital sign

    Getting an employee onboard hardly takes any time with our on-boarding feature. After hiring a candidate and making an offer, you can collect all the required the documents online and quickly complete the on-boarding process.

  • Documents

    Techno HRM provides a centralized location in cloud where one can store all the documents safely. You can also effectively organize numerous documents into multiple folders and access them with ease as and when required.

  • Timesheet and auto invoicing

    Muddle less Hours tracking and auto invoicing integrated with timesheets.

  • Leave management

    Streamlining the leave management is absolutely necessary to accurately process the payroll. Techno HRM provides a platform where the employees can submit their leaves and can get them approved by the concerned personnel without hassle.

  • Expenses management

    Manually handling the expenses of numerous employees is quiet a task – both for the employees and employers. Through Expense Management, employees can easily submit their expenses and get them approved by employers.

  • Reports and analytics

    Reports can be generated while considering various business metrics as well as employee aspects. Analysis of these reports provides detailed insights into the business operations and employee performance which influence in making informed decisions. Various reports that can be generated are:

  • Etickets

    Creating a transparent communication channel for employees is important for every organization. Being an effective way to exchange information, address the queries E- tickets prove to be an ideal way to improve employee engagement.

  • Bulk email

    Sharing your requirements with potential candidates becomes easy with Techno HRM. Using the bulk mail feature, you can approach numerous job seekers in short time span and increase the chances of filling up the requirements.

We also cater to the HRM needs of Bench Sales firms through a wide range of offerings.