Why Us ?

Your search for a complete Human Resource Management solution ends here with Techno HRM

We continually strive to provide quality software solutions to our clients. With our 10 years of industry experience, we have been able to come up with Techno HRM. It is unique software that effectively addresses all the HRM challenges faced by the recruiting and bench sales companies.

Following are the benefits which make Techno HRM a preferred choice :

Integrated Solution :

Techno HRM is an integrated solution that is equally beneficial to bench sales and recruiting firms and saves multiple times of data entering, reconciliations and access of information.

  • Bench Sales - Training and marketing features along with the bulk mail helps in the placement of the consultants. Post placement support can also be offered effectively through Techno HRM.
  • Recruiting firms - Scheduling and tracking interviews gets easy with ATS and bulk email feature of Techno HRM. All HR related activities of the employee can also be easily managed.
Security :

We maintain highest standards of data encryption, auto backup procedures, SSL (HTTPS) protocol, and authentication steps to ensure data safety.

Availability :

We are hosted on one of most reliable cloud servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee that offers maximum availability.

Scalability :

Techno HRM is designed to be highly scalable. Starting with minimum number of logins that can be scaled to numerous logins, the portal caters to the growing requirements of your organization.

Cost-effective :

Techno HRM, an integrated solution, avoids the need to pursue multiple platforms and thus proves to be an economical alternative to other players in the market. With a cost-effective pricing we serve large and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) as well.

Easy One-time Setup :

Obtaining Techno HRM is a easy one-time setup. All the company information can be set up within minutes. Also, free training sessions, on-screen share along with help text and videos make the entire process a breeze.

Support :

Providing quick and hassle free support to the clients is one of our primary goals. We provide unmatched customer support 24/7 through chat, emails, and phone calls and effectively resolve the issues at the earliest.